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Sunday’s Cemetery 29

September 13, 2015 / by davidwalton


Edmondson Presbyterian Cemetery’s setting makes visitors feel like they have walked into an enchanted forest.

DSC09312xCemeteries. Every city has one. They are mysterious, historic, haunting and, to me, fascinating.  I developed a fondness for cemeteries as a boy.

Now whenever I’m out of town, I always make it a point to visit a cemetery.  To me, they are better than any mountain range, skyline or other popular tourist attraction.  They are hidden treasures containing a wealth of information about communities and the people who lived there.

Chances are you have visited a cemetery at some time in your life to pay your respects to a family member or friend, and perhaps you too appreciate the stories represented among the tombstones and monuments.

My travels take me to all over the South and Midwest – and sometimes further North – so I have decided to start documenting my cemetery visits with a series of photos in a Sunday feature.


Welcome to Edmondson Presbyterian Cemetery in DeSoto County, MS.

DSC09324xThis week’s cemetery is Edmondson Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Southaven, Mississippi.

Established in 1844, this cemetery had one of the most peaceful settings I’ve ever experienced despite being located next to a major interstate.

Large trees provided cover to the entire cemetery and isolated it from numerous commercial surroundings. At times I felt like I was in an enchanted forest and kept expecting a Disney character to appear out of nowhere!


Benches like this one in the distance provide visitors with a place to sit while visiting loved ones.


Davis was the most common name found on headstones.

Benches placed throughout the cemetery were a nice touch and most certainly welcomed by family members with loved ones buried here.

Some of the names that had a large presence included Hilderbrand, Bowe, Peek, Cobb, Hudgens, Johnston and Davis, which dominated the cemetery. I counted more than 70 headstones bearing the name Davis.

I spent nearly two hours at the cemetery enjoying the tranquility and peacefulness among the graves while in the far distance watching traffic roll along Interstate 55. It was definitely time well spent.

Until next time….

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