Time travel as close as your local cemetery.

Beauty in an Aruba Cemetery

June 27, 2015 / by davidwalton

From David’s Desk: My good friend travel writer Marilyn Jones recently returned from a trip to Aruba, an island in the southern Caribbean. While on a tour of the island, an unexpected detour took the group to a cemetery. Here’s a colorfully account of her discovery:

C7xxAs part of a De Palm Tour, nine other passengers and I head for Aruba’s Arikok National Park. Our driver Gio slows in front of a cemetery to explain why the mausoleums are painted so colorfully.

“Most of Aruba is Catholic, but there is a little superstition mixed in as well,” he explains. “Friends and relatives want to make sure their dead feel right at home, so they paint the mausoleums the same color as their houses. If they paint their house a different color, they paint the mausoleum a different color.”

He is ready to continue on, but we all want to get out of the truck and take a few pictures of the beautifully-colored cemetery.

Bright blue, yellow, gold, lavender and purple mausoleums topped with crosses and marked with names and messages line street-like rows. I walk, take pictures and read, taking in the unusualness and admiring the love that goes into the care and upkeep of these houses of the dead.

Soon we are back in the truck heading to our original destination. The cemetery was a slight detour, but for this tour group, an interesting one.

To see Marilyn’s photos in color, visit www.travelwithmarilyn.com.

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