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Sunday’s Cemetery 3

March 8, 2015 / by davidwalton


Standing at the entrance to Calvary Cemetery.

Cemeteries. Every city has one. They are mysterious, historic, haunting and, to me, fascinating. I developed a fondness for cemeteries as a boy.

Now whenever I’m out of town, I always make it a point to visit a cemetery. To me, they are better than any mountain range, skyline or other popular tourist attraction. They are hidden treasures containing a wealth of information about communities and the people who lived there.

Chances are you’ve visited one at some time in your life to pay your respects to a family member or friend, and perhaps you too appreciate the stories represented among the tombstones and monuments.

My travels take me to all over the South and Midwest, so I’ve decided to start documenting my cemetery visits with a series of photos in a new Sunday feature.

This week’s cemetery is the 160-acre Calvary Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky’s Highlands neighborhood. There’s only one thing more beautiful than a cemetery and that’s a snow-covered one. As luck may have it, I was fortunate to see plenty of the white stuff during my weekend outing.

More than 40,000 people are buried here, including former World Boxing Association Heavyweight champ Greg Page, former Louisville Mayor William Stansbury and a handful of former Major League Baseball players (Rudy Sommers, Rudy Hulswitt, Gus “August” Weyhing and Ed “Peck” Monroe).

It’s the largest Catholic cemetery in the city, which explains the sizable section filled with identical headstones bearing the words: RIP RT REV MSGR. The stones give the priests’ date of birth, date of death and the date they were ordained.

Louisville has a good many cemeteries worth visiting and this is definitely one of them, with its rolling hills and views of graves as far as the eye can see. There were a few instances during my picture taking I felt like I was looking down from heaven. Pretty amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Cemetery 3

  1. Dawn says:

    How did you get to the spot by the gate and didn’t leave any footprints! o.O

  2. davidwalton says:

    Thought you knew… I’m an angel. I flew.

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